Mas­ter Plan Sani­ta­ry Engi­nee­ring Ser­vices Bah­rain — SEA

The Natio­nal Mas­ter Plan Sani­ta­ry Engi­nee­ring Ser­vices (NMPSES) nee­ded to be upgraded for the peri­od up to the year 2030. Due to a strong growth in eco­no­my as well as in popu­la­ti­on the­re will be gro­wing was­te water and sludge quan­ti­ties. The exis­ting capa­ci­ties must be enhan­ced, new deve­lo­p­ment on rec­lai­med land requi­re addi­tio­nal infra­st­ruc-ture. Addi­tio­nal STPs are plan­ned, the sewa­ge sys­tem has to be exten­ded. The trea­ted was­te water will be reu­sed to 100 % in future. For the incre­a­sing sludge quan­ti­ties an envi­ron­ment friend­ly solu­ti­on must be found.


The Stra­te­gic Envi­ron­men­tal Assess­ment (SEA) covers all abo­ve-men­tio­ned aspects. In addi­ti­on to an Envi­ron­men­tal Impact Assess­ment (EIA) the SEA sets the frame­work for future EIAs of pro­jects wit­hin the Mas­ter Plan. It descri­bes the pos­si­ble or expec­ted impacts on the envi­ron­ment on the same plan­ning level as the Mas­ter Plan and deve­lo­ps mea­su­res to mini­mi­ze or avoid nega­ti­ve impacts, which have to be respec­ted when rea­li­zing the plan­ned infra­st­ruc­tu­re extension.


  • Mas­ter plan covers the inha­bi­ted area of Bah­rain incl. nort­hern islands and plan­ned land reclamations.
  • Popu­la­ti­on: 1.3 Mio. in 2009, growth to 2.5 Mio. in 2030
  • Pro­ject Dura­ti­on (SEA): 06/09 – 11/09
  • Cli­ent: King­dom of Bah­rain, Minis­try of Works
  • Main con­sul­tant: GTZ-IS, Dor­nier Consult


  • Con­sul­ta­ti­on with cli­ent and com­pe­tent authority
  • SEA Incep­ti­on Report
  • SEA Scoping Report
  • SEA Final Report
  • SEA Final Presentation


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